If you're a man, looking for a cosmetic touch-up, it can be hard to find a place that suits you, where you feel comfortable and where you can receive treatment discreetly. That's why we established Clearer Men, a male aesthetics clinic in Milton Keynes, run by men, specifically for men. We specialise in a number of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, to help you show the world the best version of yourself. We're based in Milton Keynes and have been the first port of call for male cosmetic and aesthetic treatments for a number of years for people in Herts, Bucks, Beds and Northamptonshire. At Clearer Men, we believe that YOU deserve the best in class. That's why we bring you the very best in aesthetic treatments available. If you're ready to embrace a more chiseled, sharper, clearer you, come and see us!

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Get in contact with the number one male aesthetics clinic in Milton Keynes for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. We'll discuss what you're looking for and find the treatment that's right for you. Give us a call on 07821 911999 or email us at

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We offer a bespoke, unique type of treatment at our male aesthetics clinic in Milton Keynes. The male face is quite unique and must be approached and treated differently to the female face, meaning that, first and foremost, gaining a proper understanding of male facial anatomy is a job in itself. Many female-focused clinics will serve men too but, without the underlying understanding, the results aren't quite the same. 

Only when someone has mastered their understanding of the male face, and how it differs from the female, can we decide which cosmetics treatments are suitable for men and how best to administer them.

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We have been operating clinics all across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire for a number of years already and serve people from all throughout those areas to this day. If you wish to come to our male aesthetics clinic in Milton Keynes, you're more than welcome!

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Our male-only clinic is designed to be the perfect place to administer male-focused cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. Situated in a private, secluded setting, with emphasis on a relaxed and friendly environment, you can be sure there's no better place to receive one of our treatments than right here.

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Lee Charles is a fully registered Bedfordshire Primary care and pre-hospital Health care professional. He has operated cosmetic clinics across several local boroughs for a number of years now. He will now be based exclusively with Clearer Men. Lee is a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and is a qualified Expert Injector. He has a well-respected reputation, for his honest approach during consultations (which are free and necessary before any new treatment) and prides himself on providing appropriate, safe and natural-looking treatments. Before Lee performs any treatment on his clients, he educates them fully on what is being undertaken and why this technique is used. He loves to share his knowledge, in order for the clients to feel relaxed and comfortable in the treatment. Education is the key to making the client understand what they are about to experience, as well as the aftercare needed.


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Over the past few years, male cosmetic treatments have increased in popularity, exponentially. Besides the common male-focused treatments, such as the hyperhidrosis treatment, which helps to reduce excessive sweating, men are also seeking age preventative treatments that keep them looking youthful and masculine. More men are seeking to enhance their signature masculine features, such as defining their cheeks, chin, jawline and nose. This allows them to look more masculine or ‘modelesque' and can massively boost their self-confidence. These desirable, subtle changes to your facial structure can be achieved by our highly experienced cosmetic clinicians at our male aesthetics clinic in Milton Keynes.

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