Sports fitness test


Sport Fitness Profile


This profile gives you information about your sports fitness. This is a great test to take before embarking on a training program, as it allows you to track progress. The Sports Fitness Profile encompasses all crucial biomarkers relevant to athletes, including a full blood count, liver and kidney function, iron levels, ferritin, heart and muscle enzymes, cholesterol profile, inflammation, magnesium, vitamins D & B12, and testosterone. Monitoring and tracking these results over time allows for evaluating the body's response to an exercise routine and identifying potential concerns.

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This test analyses the following:


Blood cells icon

Blood Cells

Cholesterol icon



Gout icon


Hormone levels icon

Hormone levels

Inflammation icon



Iron levels icon

Iron levels

Kidney icon

Kidney Function


Liver icon

Liver Function

Muscle and bone icon

Muscle and bone health

Vitamins icon